In the winehouse Grapes & Bites, there is a gathering with the best aromas and flavors of Portugal. We are in Lisbon and Funchal, in the center of cosmopolitan life, celebrating good times with those who visit us. With hundreds of references, our menu is composed of an accurate selection of the best Portuguese wines, which are accompanied by tasty delicacies of the national gastronomy.

Join us in this great toast to life.

Right in the center of Lisbon, in the most charismatic neighborhood of the capital - the mythical Bairro Alto -, you will find the Grapes & Bites, a place where live 600 references of the best Portuguese wines, with 300 available by the glass, and the most refined flavors of regional gastronomy.

Welcome to our winehouse

At Grapes & Bites, the best company for the wine that arrives at your table are the unique flavors of the Portuguese regional gastronomy that we present in our menu, in a meeting between traditional and contemporary cuisine. With wine as the main personality of our winehouse, here, it is the food that accompanies the wine and not the other way around.

Cheeses, sausages, fruits, jams, typical dishes, conventual sweets, seasonal ingredients, all participate in this enogastronomic experience, with the mission of sublimating every moment of tasting.


Olive Oil

3,50 €

Seasoned Olives

3,00 €

Bread Basket

3,00 €

Flavored Butter

3,50 €

Sardine Mousse

4,00 €

Pork Cheek Croquette

6,00 €

Vegetable Cream Soup

6,50 €

Cheese Plater (5 Varieties)

20,00 €

Assorted Smoked Sausages (4 Varieties)

18,00 €

Cheese and Charcuterie Platter (8 varieties)

22,00 €

Smoked Ham Platter | Assiette de Jambon

20,00 €

Buttery Cheese “Azeitão”

7,00 €

Gratin Sheep Cheese

8,50 €

Garlic flavored fried Shrimp

16,00 €

Stuffed Mushrooms with Vegetables and Cheese

12,50 €

Sardine Fillet with Cornbread

10,50 €

Padron Peppers Stuffed with Sheep Cheese

10,00 €

Cut Beef in Sauce

12,50 €

Octopus Carpaccio

14,50 €

Codfish Fritters

10,00 €

Roasted Chorizo

9,00 €

Scrambled Eggs with Farinheira Sausages

9,50 €

Tuna Ceviche

14,00 €

Green Beans Fried in Flour

9,50 €

Black Pork Cheek

16,50 €


Lombo de Bacalhau Assado com Batata Assada e Espinafres

20,00 €

Polvo Assado com Pak Choi e Batata Assada

25,00 €


Bochechas de Porco Preto com Puré de Maçã e Ragu de Cogumelos

23,50 €

Lombo de Novilho com Molho à Portuguesa (250g)

26,00 €

Rice (portion)

3,50 €

Roast Potatos (portion)

4,00 €

French Fries (portion)

3,50 €

Sautéed Asparagus

5,50 €

Grilled Vegetables

5,00 €

Codfish Salad

12,50 €

Mixed Vegetables Salad

5,00 €

Creamy Chocolate Cake

7,00 €

Passion Fruit Cheesecake

8,00 €

Note 1: The prices shown include VAT at the rate in effect.

Note 2: If you are allergic to any food substance and have doubts as to whether it has been used in the preparation of the dish you wish to consume, please ask one of our staff for the information.

Opening hours

16:00-00:00Closed: Tuesday