About Us

If today Grapes & Bites is a celebrated winehouse, with address in the heart of Lisbon and Funchal, it is due not to one, but to several love stories. It all starts with the love between Sílvia and António Baeta, the "original parents" of this house. To their story is added the love of both for the flavors and traditions of Portugal: he, fascinated by wine and its rituals, she, an admirer of regional cuisine. In 2010, Sílvia and António unite their passions and desires and open, in the charismatic Bairro Alto, the doors of Grapes & Bites to give the world the best taste of their country. In a warm and sophisticated environment, they have made Portuguese wines the hosts of the enogastronomic experience, in a concept where it is the food that accompanies the wine.


In the center of this Atlantic capital that is Funchal, in front of the Savoy Palace and near the Casino of Madeira and a thousand and one natural wonders, you will find the Grapes & Bites, the winehouse where the best names of Portuguese wines do the honors of the house

In total, there are 600 references, with 300 available by the glass, which gives a sum of many reasons to toast. At Grapes & Bites, the enogastronomic experience is completed with the flavors of Portuguese regional gastronomy, sublimated by the techniques and aesthetics of contemporary cuisine.

Our winehouse offers a sophisticated and relaxed atmosphere, with live music, where a dedicated and specialized team accompanies your choices tailored to your taste and desires.

With knowledge and dedication, our team suggests the best combination of aromas, textures and flavors, adapted to the taste of each client and, sometimes, they also sing along with the live music that livens up our winehouse every night between 9pm and 10pm.